Verify Everything

No opinion pieces. Irrefutable proof.

In order for this to be effective we need simple to follow summaries of complex information.

The presentations should encourage curiosity but the truth will probably cause some people to run away from the idea and shut it out of their mind.

It is not easy to realize that your govenment might consist of some rouge actors who are conspiring against the represented.

1) Present a scenario that the listener will recognize.

2) Shape the truth in the context that they are able to understand.

3) Do not make them feel that the wrongdoing is in any way their fault, while at the same time show that the end result will harm them as well as you. If you have not exhausted all attempts and compasionate understanding you have not tried hard enough.

History warns us of times and situations like what we are in the midst of today and we have access to the proof, for now.  with the help of 15 people we can rock this!