Puzzle Pieces: How the medical industry was hijacked

This is how we got here. How the medical industry was hijacked. One of the greatest stories rarely ever told.

Beware! Many of your "Herbal freak" friends might already know this breathtaking information and when you find out they have been silent you very well might lose some respect for them.

John D Rockefeller set up the medical system based on fraudulent studies. The pharmaceutical industry was located almost exclusively in Germany and he owned controlling interest in the rX industry. He created conventional allopathic medicine as we know it today. (Pill Pushers) He gave 1 Million dollars to each state in the US and said set up a medical board which made it a crime to practice medicine without a license through the medical board. They required that all practicing herbal-ism, homeopathy, chiropractic and osteopathy to turn in their licenses or go to jail. He also gave 1 million to each state to set up a medical school on their land grant. He gave an extra mil to Harvard and Yale to be the elite schools. He then set up the Rockefeller institute. The head position of the institute was to promulgate and propagate pharmaceutical medicine and the industry. His name was Ephraim Flexner, His brother ABRAM Flexner. John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie funded an "independent" study to be conducted by Flexner but the end result was predetermined. The goal was to figure out what the real medicine was that was available in the US. Oddly, he found that Allopathic medicine (Pharmaceutical) was the "Real" medicine. So the med schools were shaped and developed by the medical boards to train pill pushers.

How did the Polio vaccine and western medicine come into existence sequentially? Listen to this guy summarize the birth scene of industrialized medicine.

Quick Recap: Read the book: Moth in the Iron Lung: A biography of polio.

During a severe moth outbreak the moths started eating and destroying stored foods. So to take care of the moths they started spraying arsenic on the food but the arsenic would not stick to the food so they added lead. Lead-Arsenic

At the same time Mercury was being used by doctors as treatments.

Lead-Arsenic-Mercury: Symptoms akin to polio.

Simon Flexner enters the scene and says we need to vaccinate every body and that caught the attention of John Rockefeller who was already making ton of money selling vaccines, and they have Simon Flexner's brother Abraham Flexner write a report known well today as the Flexner report.

And that is where we get our germ, contagion, vaccine theories still today.

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