Puzzle Pieces: Exposing Fauci

This is very elaborate.  Better to reference some one who has already explored and presented on this topic.

Dr. Karen something or other? I don't remember her name but will find the files. She worked with Fauci and blew the whistle many years ago. According to her story she was continually silenced, harassed and more for many years. 

Her story will provide a frame work for other facts to be explored. 

See Plandemic folder

1980: Fauci leads NIH. NIH uses PCR test used for AIDS testing.? Was PCR even around then?

False Positives are used in statistics. How so? 1984: Fauci starts AIDS research with funding from Merck and other Pharma companies.

1985: Fauci pushes an experimental drug, AZT, which turns out to be a deadly drug.

1985: AZT kills hundreds of thousands and still impairs more with cancers and other diseases. FDA finally discontinued it's use.

2009: Fauci pushes swine flue panic and uses PCR tests false positives to get emergency approval. 25 people died and the FDA stopped it's sale and use for flue.

2015: Fauci funds University of N. Carolina Gain Of Function research CORONA viruses.

2017: Fauci funds CORONA virus research lab at Wuhan in China, ?side stepping laws?

2019: Fauci helps ban other meds like HcQ and Ivermectin from being used for COVID. Pharmacist even decline fillinmg doctor prescriptions.

2020: Fauci pushes to get at least 28 COVID vaccines approved for emergency use with the helpo of PCT false positives and phony death rates.

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