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Terminated for not taking the vaccine

According to the fact checkers this man, and another female doctor that will be added later, are wrong. The fact checkers  we found said that animal tests were indeed done and that's why we should not listen to these people. But that is not  entirely true.


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Is it odd that this information and discussion isn't talked about in the media? Is it odd that we expect the media to provide us ALL of our topics of interest? Is it odd that we are willing limiting our conversations to the topics the media is feeding us focused on fear, hate, despair and panic etc...?

Doctor Testifies on COVID Vaccine Dangers to Texas Senate Committee

Dr. David Martin PhD. Where was this presentation or speech given?

Is this a bio weapon? Anthony Fauci has spent 191 Billion dollars of audited funds for the bio weaponization of viruses.. David Martin PhD.

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Have we forgotten where we came from? Our bodies are full of viruses and bacteria.  Why are we supposed to believe that this is a pandemic if 99% are not harmed?

Sure it sucks to think that 1 out of 100 of my friends might get sick but those odds are pretty  normal as a human being. As a matter of fact most families are used to having a few family members getting sick, once or twice a year, often after a flu shot and especially when the allergens are higher than usual. 

Yeah, it also sucks to think that 1 out of 100 of my friends might die, especially from a virus that has so many ways that it can kill you, ultimately by being a catalyst or exacerbation to just about any ailment the hospital or doctor decides it is.  But really, those odds are not so bad either, people die, it sucks and 1 out of 100 friends of mine has died, but not from an influenza but cancer, a real epidemic in the US right now. 

How come we don't talk about preventing disease and infection nor about ways to strengthen the immune system? Why are those not public service announcements? Who is feeding the population the poisons we consume? The same companies that fund everything else.

What about Vitamins, diet, exercise, joy etc?

Is vitamin D a steroid hormone? Yes. Technically, vitamin D is a misnomer. It is not a true vitamin because it can be synthesized endogenously through ultraviolet exposure of the skin. It is a steroid hormone that comes in 3 forms that are sequential metabolites produced by hydroxylases. 


What about Natural Immunity?

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