Plandemic: The Hidden Agenda Behind Covid-19:  Scientists and health professionals criticize the idea of a Plandemic, for misleading claims.

Let's find out how much truth there is to support their critique.

Puzzle Pieces in process

For those of you too eager to read the helpful How you can help page here is a quick run down of how this works.

Above is menu list of topics that warrant further investigation.  Click a title to read about the topic.
We created puzzle pieces once we have enough information to support or dispute a claim, theory or statement.

You can help us gather the information to prove or disprove these topics in many ways, the most simple way is to share your information in then forums.

Below is a tabular index we call a puzzle piece, used to contain and organize the research process. Click each section to learn how we use them.

Statement of theorie(s) and topics. List all that will be supported with this puzzle piece.

Note to new user. This section is titled Puzzle piece: Tab 1.

It is part of a tabular index. Clicking on a heading opens a new section. This tabular index is a sample of the "Puzzle Pieces" we are assembling for topics related to the Plandemic.

As you will see there is a lot of information that needs to be vetted, cataloged and then placed into the story time line.

Keep in mind there are many people telling this story and our objective is to catalog the documentation so that any one taking the red pill can find evidence that leads to their victory over cognitive dissonance.

This has to have a good outcome and if we work together while we have the freedom and technology to do so we can squash these oligarchs out of existence.

Topics shared in the forum or posted on the blog will be detailed in a "Puzzle Piece" only after we determine if they are worth investigating further.

The goal is to have a single source to share with those who need a "red pill".

The "single source" concept will hopefully provide participants with summary arguments, corroborating evidence and everything in between. We intent to present the information in a way that it is usable and appealing to the largest number of people.

List the claims made that need to be proven


1*Some one posts a compelling tik tok video but they don't provide references to the supporting documents, articles, reports, studies, etc..

2*We find the documents on line and create a forum topic in the related forum.

3*The forum moderators will be notified of the new topic and if there is substantial data supporting or refuting a claim the data will be uploaded to the web site with notations made in the corresponding summaries and glossaries.

4*The information will be placed on the corresponding web page, notations made and or updated in the tabular list headings.

5*A contributor would take it upon themselves to find information that supports or rebuts theories, claims or statements already shared on this web site, or new topics that they become aware of.  Contributors can upload their data to the web site server or share the information in the forum.

6*Some contributors may be granted blog posting abilities. Blog posts are used to send date to the front page and other areas of the site. Posts can be shown on any page controlled by Post Tags.

7*Blog posts might also be useful to provide context for those whose eyes are barely open and to keep a chronology of events.

Moderators are welcome to apply but I am afraid you will have to pay me in coffee beans to contend with you.

Provide a summary of vetting process.

Did you include links to original sources? Did you verify the sources? Did you read and comprehend what you read?

List the references that will be uploaded and placed in the supporting data section.

Once the credentials, and statements made by those credentialed, is vetted to be true and relevant, their supporting data and statements will be summarized in the Vetted section.

*Everything needs to be vetted (make a careful and critical examination of (something) with documents archived.  The following compilation is  how we are processing the information now.

*If the topic does not have any supporting date then it is not ready to be placed into the puzzle piece. Conversations and sharing of data can be done in the forum.

*For those willing and able we can collaborate externally with or something similar.

We will probably have around 100 topics to explore to create the foundational story line.

Full print out worthy if possible, link to pdf.

**All members are encourage to save the documents locally and securely just in case the "books" start on fire.

 Each topic has a forum where we can share information and break into groups of study.  You can join us there to start sharing and reading.

Link to the forum where this topic started as well as the summary page.

Some topics will not start in the forum but will end up in a puzzle piece. In these cases a new forum topic should be made to encourage further discussion and investigations. 

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