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There must be a better way to act human. Exactly what that means is what we intend to find out.

Welcome to SquareSator, where we dig into issues facing humanity with humility and courage.

Our goal is to find solutions at home that overflow to our neighbors and ultimately into the community.

We are using the site to archive important data and to find much needed clarity.

I think this is a good summary

Tucker Carlson Tonight. 6/22/20 These aren’t protests. This is a totalitarian political movement and someone needs to save us from it. #FoxNews #Tucker

Give us truth

This place, human race You disgust me Lack of responsibility Labels despite reality Covert communism Wrapped up as liberation Black brothers and sisters Being mined in their desperation White privilege assigned by corporation Keep everyone inline That is your proper place War is what they want to fill our space Hate for one another tribal…

Walk away

First Walk away movement video I have seen. Interesting view from a unique and strong woman.

Dropping Bombs in Greenwood Oklahoma

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: The Market for Victimhood

In case you are curious – There is a market for your victim hood.Join the CU Boulder Benson Center for the Study of Western Civilization for an evening conversation with human rights advocate, New York Times best-selling author and expert on Islam, Ayaan Hirsi Ali. “It has been said that education opens the mind, while…

Farrakhan blasts the media

Farrakhan calls is like it is! The bought and paid for press gets called out for their failure to give us the truth.

Rosa Koire exposes UN Agenda 21 2030

This could lead to some interesting conversations.     Sorry, we couldn’t find any posts. Please try a different search.

Fake news source identified by NPR

There is not much surprise to this. NPR did some serious digging to find a curator of fake news and when it was all said and done the author said he got into fake news to “highlight the extremism of the white nationalist alt-right. The whole idea from the start was to build a site…

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