Request a forum password or request membership to a private forum.

In order to gain access to a private forum you will have to have the password.

If you are joining a private forum that is member managed then you should have recieved the password from the manager. The manager is required to email us when a new member is added and we will not allow you access until the manager has sent the verifcation.

A member managed forum is one created and managed by some one like you. To request the creation of a private forum follow the link in the top menu, Create a Private Forum.

If you see a forum that is locked behind a password, THAT IS NOT IN THE MEMBER MANAGED SECTION, then it is a forum created by the site moderators. Complete the following form and we will give you the password after we have verified your account. This is really just to  try and reduce the number of bots particpating.

Must be logged in to request a private forum.