Covid test kits from 2017?

The WITS (World Integrated Trade Solution) web site had COVID-19 test kits listed in their database for world exports, from as far back as 2017. The site has since changed the product description to Medical Test Kits. Several people are suggesting that the change from medical test kits to COVID-19 test kits was made to designate that the kits that are suitable to be used for COVID-19, and I agreed that was likely the case. But being a curious person I had a few more questions.  First, what does it matter that the WITS classifies these test kits as suitable for COVID-19 testing? Would that not be up top the person ordering them to make sure they were the correct type? My bet here s that there are payouts associated with Insurance policies or gov subsidies. After wall, the market is doing really well considering the life blood of the country is frozen.

Second question was how could a PCR test and the reagents used in 2017 be suitable for COVID-19? Aren't the reagents specific to the analysis being done? I only ask that because those of us not suffering short term memory loss would remember the debacle that occurred with the first few batches of reagents sent out for COVID-19. It seemed to me at that time that the reagents were specifically engineered to find COVID-19 in a PCR amplification and NOT a generic Cornoavirus reagent.

Third question one should ponder, if the product description was changed to COVID-19 to ear mark medical test kits that could be used for COVID testing AND if there was nothing nefarious going on, why change the product description back to Medical Test Kits after it was discovered? Is it to cause questioning, to prevent questioning, cause confusion and demoralization, to mask transactions and or claims for compensation?  WHY Change this? Why Now?

Below is a video of the screen recorded web site before and after the change. The video also shows the web page opened on a phone browser with COVID-19 as the product description and then I refresh the web page which shows the new product description of Medical Test Kits.

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