Yugoslavian Issues Warning To All Americans

You Americans will be lab mice

Time line of events that led to a very bloody war.

Berlin wall 1989 marked freedom from Communism, but the communist did not want to let go of their power. So they came up with a plan to Re-brand communism. They embraced an ideology that could seduce the masses.

The objective was to create a special type of national socialism. Their play book was already tested in Nazi Germany.

1. Install hatred in people and create genocidal levels of hatred. Divide the people with tribal or group thinking.

In Yugoslavia they used religious because most people are white there.

2. Create severe social disadvantages for the individual and then label them as hatred and discrimination from one group towards another and then start screaming that those inequalities must be corrected by favoring the discriminated or oppressed group.

3. With control of the media relentlessly tell the people of the mutual hatred and discrimination. Growing fears of insecurities destroy relationships, jobs, friendships and families. People start segregating out of fear and the need for security.

4. Staged and well funded protests started all over the country. At first they were peacful.

Now that you have the attention of the public you need a spark. (Like George Floyd)

5. The point of no return: People started putting up barricades at the entrances to their cities, neighborhoods, highways and roads. Armed civilians guarded the barricades. Police were of no help as they would be ambushed and killed. Headlines and photos from mass media fueled the fires and the military was called in to restore order.  Without certainty about who the victims and perpetrators were they often could not do much. In the final stages even the army was attached and negotiated a retreat.

Just like that, Yugoslavia found it'self in a civil war. Genocide, ethnic cleansing, relocation of hundreds of thousands of people, was every day news. It lasted 4 years. 100,000 people died and 500,000 people were displaced.

HOW? They were brainwashed.

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