Give us truth

This place, human race
You disgust me
Lack of responsibility
Labels despite reality
Covert communism
Wrapped up as liberation
Black brothers and sisters
Being mined in their desperation
White privilege assigned
by corporation
Keep everyone inline
That is your proper place
War is what they want
to fill our space
Hate for one another
tribal distaste
Demoralize you’re own family
For political sake
How do you identify
Is the newest market
In the race
Egocentric values taking place
Morality is the newest disgrace
Blindness is the newest form of sight
Because blindness keeps us in this fight
Trust has turned to dust
Personal responsibility has begun to rust
Family has decayed
As we’ve all been betrayed
The answers won’t trickle down
From the corruptness above
They have to emerge
from the muck on the ground
From the consequences we’ve found.

Screw your wokeness,
it’s not sound
Trendy hive mind
with resounding sound

Give us truth
Or I fear we will drown

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