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Vaccinated not counted as Covid positive


Your return to Work – courtesy of Gates

Bill and Melinda Gates share their wisdom and knowledge with us.

Dr. / senator Jensen Telling the truth?

Dr. Jensen is being investigated for 2 allegations, one is that he has been spreading misinformation in regards to completion of death certificates and that he provided reckless advice in his willingness to compare Covid-19 and the flue. Never forget, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”…

Don’t think the powers that be can take Your kids for Covid? Read this

“Today in dependency court madness, LA County Dept. of Children and Family Services (DCFS) recommended that the court remove my client’s child from their physical custody after the parent tested positive for COVID-19. This is a non-offending parent. The judge ruled in favor of DCFS and detained.” (emphasis added) It Finally Happened: Child Taken Due to COVID-19

Texas Lt Gov Dan Patrick Says He’s Not Taking Dr. Fauci’s Advice Anymore: ‘He Has Been Wrong Every Time’

Texas Lt Gov Dan Patrick Says He’s Not Taking Dr. Fauci’s Advice Anymore: ‘He Has Been Wrong Every Time’

Contact tracing- coming to your town soon

Is the W.H.O. corrupt or is this man crazy?

Quoting from the article. “Madagascar President Andry Rajoelina has allegedly declared that the World Health Organization, WHO offered him $20,000,000 to put a little toxic in their remedy for coronavirus as the Europeans hacked their Remedy.” “WHO offered me 20million dollars to put a little toxic in my Covid-19 remedy” – Madagascar President exposes WHO

Dr. Richard Bartlett | ACWT Interview 7.2.20

This is not the first doctor that I have heard talk of treatments they are using for Covid-19 with superb results. Dr. Richard Bartlett Joins me to talk COVID CURES Follow Debbie Georgatos! WEBSITE: FACEBOOK:… America Can We Talk is a show with a mission – to speak up for the extraordinary and…

Demoralization in use and working well

Here is a healthy dose of confusing.  Search the web for Hydroxychloroquine, a drug which the US bought  63 million doses of, for treatment of COVID-19, and you will find all sorts of conflicting reports. The FDA has banned the use of the drug for COVID-19 after a study showed increased death rates when people…

The Gulag Archipelago and The Wisdom of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

In this video the Academy of Ideas examines some of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s fascinating insights on communism, the nature of evil and the power of truth. Solzhenitsyn spent almost a decade in prison for criticizing Stalin in letters he wrote to a friend. Experience the depths at which people can fall in times of severe crisis.…

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